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JER Online Workforce Certificates and Courses

Student Testimonials

"This course is excellent. Better than what I expected. It's worth my money! Before I enrolled I was worried that I might not be learning as much as I should. However, not anymore! My professor was able to expand my ideas further, and I must say I really admire that creativity he has in him. A professional indeed. " - Karen Pris
"This was my first experience with an on-line class, but Andrea was very patient in responding to my questions and guiding me through the process." - Mollie Calvert
"Overall I am happily surprised with this program. I know, without a doubt, I now understand pharmacy calculations, before I was terrified of math. Now I feel very confident in my math abilities!" - Cristy Jackson
"This course exceeded my expectations. My instructor was very flexible and willing to go the extra mile to help in any situation! My knowledge in the medical field has increased greatly!" - Kimberly Webb
"I believe my knowledge increased significantly. Each week adding a little more information, made it very easy to gain a clear understanding on the subjects." - Alexios Crassaris
"Mrs. Hardin was awesome. Always there when I needed her just a phone call away. Very pleasant and understanding. I feel I will be more effective in the workplace when I utilize what I have learned during this course." - Nichole Long
"My current job is that of a technical writer but I`ve not had formal training. This class gave me many tools I can use immediately and share with my two co-workers. I actually feel more confident in doing my job." - Sandy Wilkin
"My knowledge and skills improved dramatically. I discovered a multitude of creative uses for my writing and document design talents." - Deborah Gentit
"My experience in the workplace has changed as a result of the class. I have become aware of how constrained we are in government work and hope to make a change to Marketing if given the opportunity. " - Deborah Gentit
"This workshop was the perfect solution to my enrolling in a technical writing course." - Scherry Allen
"My knowledge has increased and skills have improved as a result of this course. My confidence in my ability to write has increased. I feel much more confident about my writing." - Tamara Tennenbaum
"The course presented a good overview of technical writing. It addressed some deficiencies in my understanding technical writing processes. I will use the knowledge to write documents that are more useful to the reader(s)." - Gerard Boehm
"This certificate course is useful, informative, and strong course. It exceeded my expectations. " - Nour Durra
"This is the first online course I have taken. One of its benefits has been Diane`s accessibility and encouragement. She has answered all the questions I've asked her in a timely, pleasant and thorough manner." - Barbara Tomasello
"The instuctor offered very valuable comments on every assignment. It was very obvious that she had taken the time to really look at my work, not just quickly scan over it. Her comments were very useful." - Linda Gill
"Great instructor, great course material. I learned a great deal!" - Susan Culbreath
"My writing on the job has definitely improved. I write more confidently as a result and more frequently. In addition, I am more open to suggestion about my writing than previously. I think I`ve gained a greater sense of collaboration in terms of publishing a document. I did use my final assignment to help prepare me for a potential proposal that may prove to be very lucrative. " - Alex Milosavljevic
"I have never written a proposal, so everything I learned in this class was new and exciting. My writing and design skills improved. In order to complete the class, I had to study the advanced editing and design tools in Word and Excel. I am significantly more confident and more respected in the workplace. Diane was a terrific instructor. " - James Antonucci
"I was very pleased with the course. It was rigorous, but not consuming, which I needed with my schedule. I intend to take online courses whenever the need arises rather than a traditional course. I felt I had individual attention, and the time flexibility was invaluable." - Jean Breeding
"Excellent course, funny and informative comments helped keep me motivated." - Susan Tillotson
"I learned alot about insurance, and timely filing. Since I am disabled and on Medicare, it was really interesting to learn how to file claims. I am currrently taking two more courses online, and would recommend it to anyone. It is a great way to go to class, your learning time is in your own hands. It is nice especially for those who move more quickly than the others in the same class." - Mary Cook
"My knowledge and understanding of the coding business increased greatly. This course was challenging and I learned a lot. " - Catherine Van Kampen
"My knowledge of medical things has increased significantly. The knowledge and skills learned will allow me to find decent employment." - William Moore

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