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Scholarships for Re-entry StudentsScholarships for Re-entry Students: Grants and Retraining Assistance for Adults Returning to College

One of the major concerns of adult students is finding the money to finance their education. Because they work full-time, receive good salaries, or hold certain assets, they may find their financial aid award is not enough to meet their needs without taking out costly student loans. Too, many scholarships are targeted to high school students and first year college freshmen, and if adult students are transferring to a 4-year institution from a community college, they may find an additional disadvantage as colleges can award proportionately more grants in financial aid packages to incoming freshmen, with a higher loan package or "self-help" for the older applicant.

Although many adult students hear about help to go back to school, continue their education, or train for a new career, they are often unaware where to find it or what programs they may be eligible for. This special report provides information on scholarships, grants, and private organizations and associations that aid adults returning to college. Sources of aid include awards especially for re-entry students, women, single parents, and adults re-entering the work force, including money from federal, state, and private organizational and academic programs. Assistance is available for full or part-time, undergraduate and graduate study. Awards range from $500 to $10,000, include description and contact information, and are hyper-linked for the Web. All information is available for immediate download.

Following is a sampling of what is available:

  • Find out about federal and state programs that provide assistance to adults seeking entrance or continuing their post-secondary education.
  • Are you a dislocated worker or displaced homemaker? Learn about funding for education and employment training.
  • Many community organizations and foundations provide assistance to adults going back to school. You may be eligible.
  • Check out associations and societies that offer scholarships and grants to older students.
  • Are you a single parent? There are programs and awards especially for you.
Also included are tips on finding funding, how to apply for and win scholarships, and maximize your financial aid as an adult student. If you are going back to college to begin or finish your degree, this guide can help you find the aid you need.

To find out more, please visit the Adult Student Grants Web site. New edition for 2018 coming soon.

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