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Free Scholarship Searches Free Scholarship Searches

Amazon Student Scholarships. Fifty undergraduates will each receive $5,000 toward tuition and $500 for textbook costs.

Find free money for college or an advanced degree. Well known and popular database of more than 400,000 scholarships.

The world's largest and oldest private sector scholarship database.

CollegeNet Mach25.
Profiling over $1.6 Billion in awards, Mach25 lets any user freely, immediately, and openly peruse all awards profiled.

Offered by Sallie Mae.

College Board Scholarship Search.
Potential scholarship opportunities from a database of 3,400 programs, over one million awards in all.

Browse by state or geography.

CollegeData Scholarship Finder.
Free search that doesn't require registration to view results, and saves information in a "data locker" for later retrieval.

America's Career InfoNet Scholarship Finder.
Great resource with over 5,000 scholarships, fellowships, and loans. Minorities, and multiple sources.

Free scholarship search service with information on scholarships, fellowships, bursaries, grants and other forms of financial assistance, including unique scholarships offered only to online members. Delivers a customized list of awards right to your mailbox.

Easy to search database.

Hispanic Scholarship Fund.
Student source for Hispanic financial aid.

United Negro College Fund Scholarship Search.
Search by state or major.

Scholarships Canada.
Search extensive database for grants, scholarships, and student awards.

International Education Financial Aid.
Free searchable database of scholarships and awards for international study.

Find Tuition.
Billed as one o the largest scholarship searches, provides access to scholarships worth over $7 billion.


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