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Cool ToolsGPA Calculators, Bibliography Builders, Term Paper Assistance and More

Calculate Your Current and Cumulative GPA.
You can total your courses and credits with our online tools. If you want to raise your GPA, an additional calculator helps students determine how many credit hours and what grade average they will need to raise their current GPA.

Scholar Suite 2000.
Multi-featured software program that helps raise grades, create outlines or formatted bibliographies, and organize research and class notes. See also Scholar's Aid.
Provides an online dictionary, plus an encyclopedia and thesaurus. Translator allows you to enter text and translate from/to Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portugese, Russian, and Spanish.

Free cross-platform note-taking program.

Easy Notes.
Easy Notes makes it easy to manage your notes in electronic form with a user-friendly environment that can integrate sticky notes as well as calendar references. Each note supports rich-text formatting that is recognized by nearly all text editors. The software supports import and export of files. Notes can be "pinned" on the desktop.

OttoBib. Create a bibliography from an ISBN. Do you use Microsoft Word? Learn how to format a paper in MLA style. See also Citation Machine.

Plagtracker. Plagiarism checking tool.

Automatic math solutions with this easy online tool. See also WebMath and MathWay.

OneNote by Microsoft is good for taking, organizing, and sharing notes. You can also add pictures and audio recordings. Paired with Powerpoint it is great for presentations.

PDF Converter.
Free online tool for converting PDFs into Word. Includes PDF Converter Elite, which allows you to edit PDFs, and convert from PDF to Excel (or Powerpoint, and HTML.)

Photos for Class.
Web site search to access safe images available for student use in the classroom or other educational purposes. Although it was intended for elementary classes, the images are appropriate for all ages. Receive automatic citation upon download. For additional resources to locate Internet images for presentations, etc., see How to Find Copyright Free Images. For animated works, try Storyboard That.

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