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Angela Farrer Technology Degrees for Older Students

by Angela Farrer

If you are returning to college as an adult, one of the most common areas of uncertainty is the new technology involved in the classroom. Courses are now offered online, students interact with one another through social media and many degree programs now require use of computer software to complete assignments. Each of these practices creates college environments very different from those of 20, 30 or 40 years ago.

The use of technology can be an asset to your college experience rather than a source of intimidation. An important point to remember is that you have real world experience to integrate with it. This gives you an advantage over most of the 18 to 19-year-old post-high school students who will be some of your classmates. They may be able to send text messages but fail to see the breadth of applications for technology in the professional world. When narrowing down your degree major choices, don’t discount a technology major right away. Try a beginning computer course or two, and you may be surprised to find one of these fields is an excellent fit. If you discover that a technologybased degree is the one you want to complete, you will find this area is a multi-faceted one that you can adapt to any career field already familiar to you.

You Are More Tech-Savvy Than You Realize

Just because you have not launched a Web site, written any program code or designed a social media promotion campaign, you should not consider yourself less than computer literate. If you have spent years in the workforce, you have come in contact with technologies that facilitate getting things done. You may have maintained a database of customer information, created income and expense spreadsheets or updated your boss’s daily schedule with an email/calendar software program.

Each of these examples gives you a foundation in the use of computer technology to accomplish specific things. If you have wanted to learn more about how these machines work, how extensively they impact our daily lives and how you can use them to achieve larger objectives, a technology-focused degree may be ideal for you.

Your Professional Expertise Can Carry-Over to Your Degree

Returning to school with experience in a specific field will benefit your studying a technology-based major. Whether you have worked in hospitality, manufacturing, construction, real estate, law enforcement, advertising, the paralegal profession or any other field, you have specific knowledge to fit with the application of computer technology. All of these career areas involve the organization and processing of information at the higher levels of management. Each field normally has specialty software designed to accomplish these tasks and manage projects. If such a program does not yet exist for your area of expertise, you may just be the one who creates it.


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