Time Management

Time Management

Priority Setting: Putting First Things First. Make a list of the six most important things to do each day.

Time Scheduling Suggestions.

A more flexible method of scheduling time to achieve short and long-term goals.

Design Your Own Anti-Procrastination Plan.

Concrete things you can do to confront and change tendencies to procrastinate.

Stress Management.

Ten tips from the Indiana University Health Center.

13 Timely Tips for More Effective Time Management.

Among ideas are using the 80-20 rule, avoiding perfectionism, doing the right thing right, and learning to say no.

Win the War Against Procrastination.

We all can relate to the temptation of putting things off – particularly those tasks we don’t enjoy.

Time on Your Side.

Nine ways to take control of the clock.

A Cure for Procrastination.

Eight remedies to apply today.