How to Earn a College Degree: When You Think You are Too Old, Too Busy, Too Broke, Too Scared

by E. Faith Ivery, Ed.d. and Sharon Kirk

Drawing upon their extensive experience advising adult students, E. Faith Ivery, Ed.D. and Dr. Sharon L. Kirk have produced an informative and inspirational book for adults who want to get a college degree but feel frustrated by their age, time, finances, or fears. An educational planning guide for adult learners, the book answers common questions and concerns of students seeking to enter college after a long absence or for the first time.

The authors provide a step-by-step process to attain educational goals, along with cost and time-saving strategies to complete a degree. Each chapter includes information and activities to help students create a plan of action to complete educational goals based on their individual needs, skills, values and budgets.

You’ll find many “tips” that you won’t receive from many college counselors, including:

– How to test-out of college courses – How to get college credit for military training – How to get college credit for corporate training and certifications – How to “portfolio” work and life learning – hobbies, reading, talents, avocations – How to use distance learning at home through the Internet and TV

– How to create a personal educational plan that boosts your career goals…and much more.

E. Faith Ivery, Ed.D, is the founder of Educational Advisory Services, Inc., and the featured expert in the “Ask the Experts” section. Dr. Ivery’s experience has taken her across the country as a workshop leader, speaker, and consultant for adult learners and corporate human resources professionals. She is also the author of numerous articles for magazines, newspapers, and professional journals, and has appeared on radio and television.

Special Sections Include:

Learning About You. Assessing your educational goals; learning styles; lifestyle and finances

Shopping for a College. Choosing a major; accreditation; undergradaute admissions, transfer credit

Earn College Credit for What You Know. ACE (American Council on Education) credits, National PONSI credits; testing programs and the portfolio process

Distance Learning. Telecourses; correspondence courses; online courses; banking college credit; external degree programs and more ways to learn

Putting Your Plan Together. Degree requirements and checklists; developing a detailed study plan.

Graduate School. Admissions and requirements; degree programs and more

Directory of Adult Learner College Programs. A list of renowned, regionally accredited colleges and universities that offer programs for adults that can be taken in the classroom or online/distance learning

Dr. Joan Bowen, President, Global Knowledge Group Very practical guide with solutions to help adult learners make better choices for college and their career goals…real how-to information…great ideas to reduce time and money.

Paperback. $19.95.

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