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Resume Index.

All about resumes from JobStar.

How to Write a Masterpiece of a Resume.

This resume guide was written for mid-career changers as well as for young people making an original career choice. Recommended.

Cover Letters.

What makes a good cover letter, sample cover letters, and resources on the Internet.

Transferable Skills Survey.

Five broad skill areas divided into more specific skill sets.

Quintessential Careers: Transferable Skills.

Identify your transferable skills sets and how to emphasize them in cover letters. Includes examples.

Employers Demand for Skills.

Employers care a lot more about the general skills and attitudes the applicant will bring to work then they do about the applicant’s major , GPA or mastery over specialized technical skills.

10 Minute Resume.

The 10 Minute Resume’s simple-to-use online forms help you create a resume, as well as print, email and fax your resume directly from the Web site.

Resume Writing Tips.

60 free resume and job search workshops.