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12 Point Plan for Personal Success

A 12-Point Plan for Personal Success In Your College

Success is a product of following a well-laid-out plan with perseverance and persistence. In your college, you should make a plan to achieve your goals and stick to it. You should have a vision for your life consisting of what you would like to have, be, and do in the coming years. 

This article lays out a 12-point plan for your personal success in college. This 12-point plan includes some suggestions such as having a vision for your life, believing in yourself, taking 100% responsibility for what you do, being optimistic and upbeat about your future, and associating with successful people.

1. Take 100% Responsibility

Take 100% responsibility for your decisions, actions, and thinking. Do not blame and point fingers at others for your failures and actions. Successful people always take responsibility and learn from their failures, mistakes, and disasters.

One of my personal reccomandations to dive deep into this subject is the following book: Covey, Stephen R. “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” Simon & Schuster, 1989

2. Be Cheerful And Upbeat

Be cheerful and upbeat about your situations. Find things in your life to be grateful, thankful, and appreciative, such as past successes, family, health, etc. Keep smiling and overcome negative thoughts.

3. Have Positive Self-Esteem

Have positive self-esteem by feeling good about yourself, doing positive self-talk, and being grateful for your achievements. Positive self-esteem helps in focusing on your current goals and feeling confident about them. Forgive yourself for your past mistakes, learn from them, and move on to your next ambition.

4. Believe In Yourself

Believe in yourself and your potential for achieving your goals. Having self-belief is important for focusing and working on your goals. To improve your belief, do positive self-talk and give yourself mental suggestions such as “I can achieve my goals,” “I am a successful person,” or “I can be successful.”

5. Have a Burning Desire To Be Successful

Have a burning and intense desire to be successful in your life. Dream about your goals, think about them often, and feel how it would feel to achieve your goals to increase the intensity of the desire. Decide and commit to your goals and have a magnificent obsession for achieving them.

6. Associate With Successful People

Associate With Successful People and learn from them. Surrounding yourself with successful people leads to you learning from the qualities of successful people, such as optimism, taking responsibility, believing in yourself, and an increased desire for success. You can have conversation and ask them about your particular situations to get valuable advises from them.

7. Avoid Unsuccessful People

Avoid unsuccessful people and stay away from negative people who may feed your brain with negative thought patterns. They may affect your thoughts and make you feel negative about your goals. As a result, you will have doubts and reduced self-belief that you can achieve your goals.

8. Do What You’re Best At

Do what you are best at doing and excel in them. It will boost your self-confidence and motivate you to do more tasks and achieve the desired results. Doing the tasks that you dread or are bad at doing can result in failures, resulting in reduced motivation for doing more tasks to achieve success.

9. Write Down A Vision

Write down a vision for your life containing what you want to be, do, and have in the future. Imagine how you would like to design your life and dream about your goals. Choose something as your goal and note it down on a piece of paper. Create a “dream journal or book,” write your visions in it, and attach images of those goals in it with the written statement of your goal.

10. Write Down Your Biggest Goal

Write down your biggest goal by choosing it from your “dream journal or book” created in the previous step. Define it clearly in the present tense, write it down on paper, read it aloud daily, and visualize yourself possessing it. Fill your mind with positive thoughts and suggestions such as “I have my goal” or “I can achieve my dream.”

11. Study The Science Of Success

Study the science of success and educate yourself about successful people’s qualities and journeys. Read their biographies and learn how they achieved their success and overcame adversity in the journey. Read motivational books, watch motivational videos, and talk with successful people regularly to fill your mind with positivity and optimism.

12. Take Daily Steps Towards Your Goal

Take daily steps towards your goal to get closer to achieving it. Create a plan for achieving your goal and break it down into small, actionable steps that you can do every day. Follow the plan and take daily steps to reach your destination.

Final Words

Personal success is a product of following a detailed plan that is broken down into small but daily actionable steps to reach your destination. You should have a positive and optimistic mindset and find things to feel thankful and grateful for.

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