Team Members

William Davis


“Born and raised in San Jose, William Davis was destined to pursue a career in the tech industry. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Stanford University and is the mastermind responsible for the Back2College platform. His expertise ensures that all users have a seamless experience while using the platform. He understands the importance of having a user-friendly platform for students. Outside his work in the tech industry, William is a hiking enthusiast and often explores the trails with his friends.”

Emily Watson

(Director of Transitional Counseling)

“Emily Watson is an experienced counsellor from Miami, Florida, with a decade of experience in supporting individuals as they transition back to academic settings. She excels in assisting students in adapting to the rigorous demands of college life after a break. Her Master’s degree in Counseling from the University of Miami has equipped her with valuable techniques to help individuals deal with academic pressures. When she is not guiding students at Back2College, Emily enjoys beachcombing and having seaside picnics with her family.”

Michael Brown

(Community Engagement Specialist)

“Michael, originally from Los Angeles, gained his degree in Communications from UCLA. Michael’s job is to facilitate communication between the platform and the community of college students. He thinks that education has the power to transform lives at any age. With his enthusiastic approach, he arranges seminars, webinars, and events to inspire those who have delayed their college education. Outside of work, Michael is a passionate jazz enthusiast and enjoys discovering new music scenes in his local area.”

Rebecca White

(Curriculum Designer)

“Rebecca White has 5 years of experience in designing curricula specifically for adults who are returning to college. Originally from Chicago, Rebecca graduated from Northwestern University with a Master’s degree in Information Design & Strategy. Rebecca has a strong passion for designing educational experiences that are easy to use. As a result, she has worked with institutions like the University of Illinois and Loyola University Chicago to develop innovative programs. During her free time, Rebecca likes to experiment with international cuisine, drawing inspiration from her travels and honing her skills as an amateur chef.”