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Scholarships for Working Moms in 2024

Balancing higher education alongside the responsibilities of parenthood and a career poses significant challenges for working moms—the intricate task of managing diverse roles results in time constraints and heightened stress levels.

However, the availability of dedicated scholarships tailored for working mothers offers vital financial support, serving as a valuable resource to ease the financial burden and empower them to pursue their educational aspirations.

Types of Scholarships or Grants Available for Working

Scholarships and grants are essential avenues of support for individuals pursuing education, catering to diverse needs, including those of working mothers.

There are six types of scholarships for working mothers –

  1. Need-Based
  2. Career-Specific
  3. Merit-Based
  4. Employer Sponsorship
  5. Regional Awards
  6. Single-Parent Scholarships

1. Need-Based Scholarships

These scholarships are geared toward individuals facing financial challenges and aim to assist those with limited financial means.

Evaluation of this scholarship is based on financial need, considering factors like income, family size and expenses.

2. Career-Specific Scholarships

Tailored for individuals pursuing education in specific fields, they are aligned with applicants’ career goals and aspirations. Examples include scholarships for nursing, education, technology or other professions.

3. Merit-Based Scholarships

Awarded to individuals with outstanding academic achievements, skills or talents and criteria may include high GPA, leadership, community service or specific accomplishments.

It primarily focuses on recognizing and supporting individuals with a proven record of excellence.

4. Employer Sponsorship Programs

These programs are offered by companies to support the education of their employees, including working mothers and may cover tuition, books or professional development courses.

It is often linked to the employee’s commitment to continue working for the sponsoring employer post-education.

5. Regional Awards and Scholarships

Specific to certain geographic areas or communities, aimed at supporting individuals from a particular region, city or state.

These awards are sponsored by local businesses organizations or government entities to invest in community education.

6. Single Parent Scholarships

These are tailored to the unique needs of single parents, including working mothers and may include financial assistance, childcare support or other resources.

It grants scholarships by recognizing balancing work, parenting and education challenges.

List of Scholarships for Mothers

There is a list of curated collections of scholarships tailored for mothers. These scholarships provide financial aid to women navigating the dual demands of motherhood and higher education.

And these scholarship opportunities are designed to acknowledge and address mothers’ distinctive challenges, facilitating educational advancement and career development.

Scholarships for Moms Going Back to College

Explore a diverse range of scholarships tailored for mothers, including working moms and single moms. This table highlights key details such as scholarship names, amounts, eligibility criteria, application instructions, deadlines, and best practices.

From empowering motherhood to celebrating women in robotics, these scholarships offer financial support for education. Review the table to discover opportunities that align with your circumstances and educational aspirations.

Scholarship NameAmountEligibilityHow to ApplyDeadline
Jennifer Gephart Memorial Working Mothers Scholarship$3,025MotherApply HereMay 10, 2024
Empowering Motherhood Scholarship$1,000High School seniors, undergraduate or graduate, Mother, USApply HereFeb 02, 2024
Joanne Pransky Celebration of Women in Robotics$3,000Higher School or 2-4 years undergraduate, Female, RoboticsApply HereFeb 29, 2024
Cat Zingano Overcoming Loss Scholarship$10,000All studentsApply HereJul 20, 2024
Annual Single Mother Scholarship$1,000Single mothersApply HereNo deadline
Patsy Mink Foundation Education Support Awards$5,000Mother above 17 with minor childrenApply HereNo deadline
Scholarships4Moms$10,000MothersApply HereNo deadline
Single Parents Alliance of America (SPAOA)Not fixedSingle parent, US citizenApply HereNo deadline
“Mom to Scholar” Scholarship for Mothers$500College studentApply HereJan 31, 2024
“Making Waves” Scholarship for Women$500All grade levelsApply HereJan 31, 2024
“Follow Your Own Path” Essay Scholarship$500College & Graduate StudentsApply HereJan 31, 2024
$1,000 Appily Easy College Money Scholarship$1,000High School students and college underclassmenApply HereDec 31, 2023

Note: Please visit the provided links for detailed application instructions.

Tuition Assistance Programs

Tuition assistance programs for single mothers are vital in overcoming financial obstacles and empowering these resilient women to pursue higher education.

●       Tailored to address the unique challenges faced by single mothers, these programs typically offer financial support covering tuition fees, textbooks and other educational expenses.

●       The primary objective is to alleviate the financial burden associated with pursuing higher education, thereby facilitating increased access to quality learning opportunities.

●       Recognizing the multifaceted responsibilities of single parenting, many of these programs provide flexible scheduling options and online courses to accommodate the complex demands of a single mother’s time.

●       By offering support and resources, these initiatives aim to equip single mothers with the skills and knowledge necessary for enhanced career opportunities and long-term financial stability.

●       Ultimately, tuition assistance programs for single mothers contribute not only to the individual growth of these women but also align with the broader societal goal of fostering inclusivity and education.

Finding Your Perfect Scholarship Match

Finding the perfect scholarship match that you can win and help you get ahead can be difficult.

The eight tips that will help find and win your scholarships are –

  1. Beginning early
  2. Utilizing scholarship search platforms
  3. Exploring educational institutions
  4. Considering local scholarships
  5. Thoroughly reviewing eligibility criteria
  6. Staying organized
  7. Seeking guidance
  8. Applying strategically

Have a More Detailed Look at the Tips to Follow

1. Begin Early

Start your scholarship search well in advance, preferably a year before your intended academic program begins.

2. Utilize Scholarship Search Platforms

Scholarship search engines and databases such as Fastweb, and College Board’s Scholarship Search allow you to input your information to discover scholarships tailored to your profile.

3. Explore Educational Institutions

Investigate scholarship opportunities provided by the educational institutions you plan to attend to explore scholarships based on academic merit, extracurricular involvement or specific majors.

4. Consider Local Scholarships

Don’t overlook scholarships offered by local community organizations, businesses or foundations. Local scholarships may have fewer applicants, increasing your chances of receiving financial support.

5. Thoroughly Review Eligibility Criteria

Before applying, carefully review all eligibility criteria like academic qualifications, involvement in extracurricular activities and any other specific criteria to ensure you meet the requirements.

6. Stay Organized

Create a systematic method, such as a spreadsheet, to keep track of various scholarships, deadlines and application requirements. Organization is key to prioritizing applications and avoiding oversights.

7. Seek Guidance

Seek advice from teachers, counselors or mentors. They may offer valuable insights, suggest relevant scholarships or provide guidance on strengthening your applications.

8. Apply Strategically

While applying to multiple scholarships is essential, focus on quality rather than quantity. Invest time and effort into applications that best align with your profile, increasing the likelihood of success.

How to Apply for Scholarships as a Mom?

Applying for scholarships as a mom requires you to follow seven important guides. They are review criteria, document organization, deadline awareness, tailoring each application, proofreading and early submission.


Begin by researching scholarships specifically available to mothers. Look into various organizations and programs that offer financial support for moms pursuing education.

Review Criteria

Carefully review each potential scholarship’s eligibility criteria and application requirements. Ensure that you meet all the specified qualifications.

Document Organization

Gather necessary documents such as transcripts, letters of recommendation and a well-crafted personal statement highlighting your academic and personal achievements.

Deadline Awareness

Pay close attention to application deadlines. Create a schedule to stay organized and submit your applications well in advance to avoid last-minute rush.

Tailor Each Application

Customize each application to the specific scholarship. Emphasize how your educational and career goals align with the mission and values of the scholarship provider.


Before submission, carefully proofread your application. Ensure that it is error-free and the content is clear and compelling.

Early Submission

Whenever possible, submit your applications early. This not only demonstrates your commitment but also follows time for any unexpected issues that may arise.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Scholarships for moms real?

Yes. Several scholarships are available for single mothers and moms wanting higher education.

What is the $1000 Mom to Scholar Scholarship for Mothers?

Mom to Scholar is a scholarship for mothers who want to resume their journey toward a college degree.

How can a stay-at-home mom afford college?

Stay-at-home mothers can apply for various scholarships, rewards, scholarship programs and grants to afford their college fees.

How can I afford to go back to school as a single mom?

Single moms can look for grants from the Government schools, colleges and businesses to afford to return to school.

How do you know if a scholarship is legit?

Do thorough research before applying, check the list of previous scholarship awardees and testimonials and search the company or firm providing scholarships to know if the scholarship is legit.

Final Thoughts

Securing scholarships can be a pivotal turning point for working moms and single moms, offering crucial financial assistance alongside the opportunity for higher education and career progression.

These scholarship programs acknowledge and affirm the strength and resolve exhibited by these women, opening doors to overcome obstacles and carve out a more promising future for themselves and their families.

As these resilient individuals pursue their educational aspirations through these scholarships, they elevate their personal prospects and serve as powerful inspirations for others navigating comparable difficulties.

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