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Amazon Student Reivew

Amazon Prime Student Review: What Benefits It Offers To College Students

Amazon Prime Student is an Amazon Prime subscription at a discounted price for students enrolled in a 2 or 4-year college.

This article reviews Amazon Prime Student and its benefits for college students. Text book buying tips and Life work balance for adult students.

What Are The Benefits Of Amazon Prime Student For College Students?

The benefits of the Amazon Prime Student plan include cheaper costs, a trial period, free 2-day shipping, GrubHub food delivery, discounts on Amazon Music, and Prime video. 

The benefits of the Amazon Prime Student plan are described below.

  1. Fast, Free Delivery: It offers free 2-day delivery on all items and 1-day delivery on certain items. The quick delivery service is beneficial for students to get their books delivered quickly.
  2. Prime Video and Amazon Music: The plan offers Prime Video and Amazon Music at a discounted price. Students can access a huge library of movies, videos, documentaries, recently released music albums, and podcasts.
  3. Shopping and Exclusive Deals: The plan offers exclusive early access to discounted sales, discounts, Amazon Prime Day, Amazon Lightning deals, and deals at Amazon Fresh stores.
  4. Grubhub+ Trial: The plan offers 1-year Grubhub+ Trial to students for ordering their food online without any delivery charge.
  5. Unlimited Photo Storage: Students can use Amazon’s cloud storage for storing their photos with friends, teachers, and other college memories using Amazon Photos. Amazon Photos offers 5GB of video storage.
  6. Exclusive Prime Student Perks:
    • StudentUniverse Travel: Students get an extra 10% discount on flights and hotels using StudentUniverse Travel.
    • Course Hero: Students get a 1-month free trial of Course Hero and another 60% discount on a subscription. Students can use Course Hero for solving problems, textbook explanations, and 24/7 tutoring.
    • Calm: The plan offers exclusive discounts on Calm Premium subscriptions. Students can use it to reduce their anxiety and stress.
    • Prime Video Channels: The plan offers exclusive discounts on channels, such as Showtime, EPIX, Motortrend, and more, for just $0.99 per month.

How To Sign Up For The Amazon Prime Student Plan?

To sign up for the Amazon Prime Student plan, you must fulfill these conditions according to Amazon’s policies.

  • Must be enrolled in a 2 or 4-year college course or degree.
  • Have a .edu email address.
  • Have other proofs of enrollment, such as student ID, transcript, and tuition bill. These proofs might be required if you don’t have a valid .edu email address.

How Much Does An Amazon Prime Student Plan Cost?

An Amazon Prime Student plan costs 7.49 USD per month or 69 USD per year. It offers a free 6-month trial for new members.

Final Words

Amazon Prime Student Plan is a discounted Amazon Prime subscription offered to college students enrolled in a 2 or 4-year college course or degree. It offers various benefits like a 6-month free trial, discounted subscription, discounted Amazon Prime Video and Music subscription, GrubHub+ Trial for 1 year, and exclusive deals.


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