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How to Make the Most of Academic Conferences

How To Make The Most Of Academic Conferences As A College Student

An academic conference is an event for researchers and scholars where they can share their studies, new findings, and ideas, ask questions to other researchers, and discuss new topics.

The article discusses how to make the most of academic conferences and suggests various tips, such as choosing a conference that suits you, doing a good presentation, planning the conference and activities to do there, networking, and engaging with other researchers.

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Choose An Academic Conference That Suits You

Choose an academic conference that suits you, your discipline, and your work. Check if the conference is related to your academic discipline based on the journals associated with it. Ensure your work and research are related to the conference’s theme. Consider the conference’s timing and compare it with your existing schedule. If the conference’s timing does not clash with your existing schedule, then you can choose to attend the academic conference.

Prepare A Proper Presentation

Prepare a proper presentation by considering the following suggestions.

  • Do not put your complete thesis in the presentation. Mention key points, findings, and results.
  • Include a single finding or research if it shows a theoretical gap.
  • Include practical implications of your research for academics and practitioners.

Plan The Conference Strategically

Plan the conference strategically by considering the following suggestions.

  • Organize your trip properly by choosing the transportation, like flights, trains, or buses, method and arriving a day before the conference.
  • Choose the hotels you will stay in wisely. It can be conference hotels or any other hotels of your liking.
  • Arrive a day before the event to familiarize yourself with the environment, including time zones, place, venue, etc.
  • Choose the sessions you will attend.
  • Wear your badge for the event and have the conference pass with you while attending the conference.

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Engage Actively

Engage actively with the speakers and other conference attendees. Consider the below suggestions for engaging actively. 

  • Discuss your research, findings, and results whenever you get an opportunity at the conference or outside your sessions.
  • Seek feedback and have clarity on what feedback you are seeking.
  • Give a quick summary of your research work in informal conversations during lunch or other occasions.

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Network Outside Your Circle

Network outside your circle by introducing yourself to other unfamiliar attendees and discussing your work. These new relationships can become helpful in your future research. Attend conference dinner and lunch and connect with people you met recently.

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Final Words

Academic conferences are events for researchers and scholars to discuss their research work, findings, ideas, and questions about certain topics. These conferences are filled with recent knowledge in your field, and it is crucial for you to get the most benefit out of them. To make the most of the academic conferences, engage actively in the conference, discuss and share your research and findings, network with other attendees and build relationships with them, and present your findings meaningfully.


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