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Top 10 AI Essay Writers for Students in 2024

Top 10 AI Essay Writers for Students in 2024 (Tested by Teachers)

What is the hardest part of writing an essay? It’s different for everyone. For some students, it’s coming up with a unique, original idea. Meanwhile, many experience writer’s block midway. Despite these issues, your submission must be timely and of high quality. So, how do you speed things up? Well, you use AI. 

Many students find themselves staring at a blank screen while the application deadlines are only days away. The stress and impending doom further dries up their creative juices. And many of them contact me through social media for a solution. 

In these cases, I don’t hesitate to suggest a few affordable AI essay writers to them. But don’t you get caught for unoriginal writing if you use AI? Not if you follow the proper strategies, I tell them. Your writing won’t be any less human-like or original if you use the tools correctly. 

Guess what? Students who followed this advice were able to submit their college essay timely and get admission to desired institutions. Follow this discussion, and you will be able to do the same. 

10 Best AI Essay Writer Tools For Students

There are more than a few AI writing tools out there. All of them help you generate bodies of text in seconds or minutes. However, you will find that most of these tools can’t create the coherent and well-structured text that college essays require. 

We have handpicked ten tools to save you the time and frustration of trying out hundreds of AI essay writers. The tools in this list have excellent ratings and are highly recommended by students and academics worldwide. 

1. PerfectEssay

Perfect Essay Writer is designed to help students of all academic levels. You generate original high-quality essays within seconds using this tool. They offer an AI essay writer, an outliner, and a large collection of templates to work with. 

The developing company, MyPerfectWords, has been providing professional writing services to students for a long time. They have a team whose expertise is in academic writing. So, it’s safe to assume these people know what they are doing. 

PerfectEssay Writer’s advanced algorithm can help you churn out assignments and dissertations in a very short time. 

The tool’s features can help you generate essay topics and create an outline for them. You can use the paraphraser and grammar checker to make your writing impeccable. 

Students short on a budget can use PerfectEssay Writer’s free plan. You get to use all the features the tool offers. However, since it’s a free plan, you won’t be able to enjoy the tool’s capabilities to the full extent. 

Price:  $9.99/month premium plan


  • Reliable for academic writing 
  • Easy to use with instant results
  • Offers the users various suggestions to improve their writing 


  • An experienced teacher might be able to detect AI writing
  • Isn’t reliable when the essay’s topic is too complex
  • Compatibility issues with some devices and browsers


Essay Genius is a professional AI Essay Generator. The tool has a simple interface like Google’s home page. You can get right down to business by entering a topic in the box and clicking ‘Start Writing.’ Browse their Showcase of essays to get an idea about the quality of work. 

This is another AI writing tool developed by linguists and educators. Therefore, it’s a more reliable academic writing tool than other AI text generators. Essay Genius uses its massive academic writing database to create authentic text for your assignments. 

One of the notable features of this tool is its ability to do comprehensive research. Most AI tools have rudimentary research abilities that aren’t enough for writing college essays. You can also use the paraphrasing tools to avoid plagiarism detection. 

Price: $12-$15/month


  • Creates in-depth academic-level content instead of generic AI texts
  • Can conduct comprehensive research to create authentic essays
  • Excellent grammar and vocabulary suggestions
  • Has a background of educators and linguists
  • Unlimited pre-written essays and monthly 1000 generations for upgraded accounts


  • Isn’t affordable for the majority of students 
  • Some of the text might lack the nuances of human writing


Good AI helps students generate high-quality college-grade essays in a matter of seconds. The developers claim it to be the No.1 Essay Outline generator in the world. And the best thing is you don’t need to pay any registration or sign-up fees. Just provide

The AI tool draws its inspiration from millions of top-quality essays and articles. Users can set the tone and type of essay they want. Good AI can also provide you with references for the information it presents. 

Want to blend your originality with the automation of artificial intelligence? Good AI’s Autocomplete feature can help with that. 

Write your essay’s first one or two paragraphs and let Good AI complete the rest. This can help you easily deal with any originality issues regarding the writing. 

Price: Free


  • It’s a free AI tool with premium-level features
  • Generates unique and engaging 1500-word essays within seconds
  • Provides comparatively authentic info with proper citations
  • Has a user-friendly interface


  • You still need to edit, proofread, and cross-check the info before submission 
  • Requires a few attempts at setting the tone and type of the essay

4. TutorBin 

TutorBin’s study tools offer an essay generator, rewriter, paraphrase, and grammar checker. For less than a dollar/week, you can generate seven unique 1000-word essays. You can go for the more expensive plans if your requirement is higher. 

The platform’s AI assistance can help create a personalized student learning experience. It can analyze a student’s learning patterns and adapt the content accordingly. 

TutorBin had been a trusted platform for guiding students long before AI came along. The AI tool can draw from its base of tutoring experience and easily identify weak points in a student’s learning and writing. Thus providing the opportunity for improvement. 


  • $3.99/month (generate 30 essays 2000 words each) 
  • $0.99/week (essay rewriter) 


  • Can provide essay writing solutions for a wide range of complex subjects 
  • You can bring in human experts to work alongside the AI tool
  • Fast and responsive 24/7 customer service
  • The platform follows a strict no-plagiarism policy 


  • You might find that the platform works slower than average generative AI tools 

5. TinyWow

You can input scattered class notes or a few sentences, and TinyWow will generate high-quality essays in seconds. The tool offers three levels of essay creation – high school, college, and grad school. 

Apart from generating texts, assignments sometimes require working with images and PDFs. TinyWow can be of excellent service in that case. The AI tool was specifically designed to perform various basic digital tasks in addition to creating content. 

Students with small budgets can use the platform’s free plan. You don’t have to register or install anything. 

Price: $5.99/month


  • Manage text, PDFs, images, videos, and other essay-related tasks from a single interface
  • Enjoy several digital services without any installation or registration
  • Comparatively low-priced premium plan
  • Compatible with most of the common devices and browsers 
  • Perform file conversions at high speed while maintaining quality


  • Not a suitable AI essay writer for highly technical topics
  • Users on free plans are often bombarded with ads

7. Rytr

Rytr is an AI writing assistant trained in all the major languages. It can help you create essays in more than 30+ languages. You can also browse from the 20+ tones to make the essay sound perfect to the academic audience. 

The free plan allows you to create 5000 characters each month. You can get unlimited characters and many helpful features if you buy the premium plan. 

Rytr can be a great tool when multiple students work on the same project. It offers Collaboration tools to help you manage all your tasks and partners from one interface. You can also use “Project Management” to organize and track the assignment’s progress. 

Price: $15/month for premium plan. 


  • Suggests creative ideas and helps you overcome writer’s block
  • Different tones and templates to make your essay more unique and original
  • Offers features that refine and polish your content
  • Encourages collaboration between partners. 
  • Helps you maintain discipline in the essay-writing process. 
  • Makes the editing process easy and creative. 


  • The free plan might create generic content on rare topics 
  • The starter pack is comparatively more expensive than similar AI writers

8. ProWritingAid 

ProWriting Aid is the tool of choice when you are submitting to a highly selective academic audience. It can catch and improve those minor flaws in your assignment which leads to the rejection of even the most well-researched papers. 

Educator and software engineer Chris Banks developed ProWritingAid in 2012. Over the last decade, it has steadily grown into a trusted writing tool for writers of all categories. 

However, the tool comes from the mind of an educator and helping students with their assignments was always its priority. 

After generating an essay with ProWritingAid, you can ask the assistant to evaluate the piece. 

It will analyze the writing and create reports about the various aspects of the writing. These include readability, word choice, overall structure, etc. You can use these suggestions to improve the essay further. 

Price: $20/month (starting)


  • The tool was designed keeping academic writing in mind. 
  • Provide in-depth analysis to improve the essay
  • Users can connect with a vibrant community of professional writers
  • Integrates seamlessly with a variety of operating systems and apps


  • Costly plans might not be affordable for everyone 
  • Beginners can be easily overwhelmed by too many suggestions and insights from the tool

9. Cramly AI 

Students can craft unique essays using Cramly’s Content Genie and Paper Outlines. The Discussion Board helps you with suggestions and streamlines the research process. Thus yielding faster and more efficient results than unplanned Google searches. 

Cramly is a company that aims to help students get the most out of their education. They developed an AI assistant to cut down all the monotonous tasks of writing an essay. 

The minds behind Cramly AI are a group of Stanford graduates experienced in education and technology.


  • $9.99/month 
  • $59.88/year


  • Helps you write well by giving suggestions in real time 
  • Generates lengthy quality content in seconds 
  • You can create sophisticated text thanks to the tool’s rich vocabulary
  • Provides special tips to create engaging essays. 
  • Cheap and affordable annual plan 


  • The options for setting tones and templates are limited 
  • You must crosscheck the information and facts when writing on highly technical topics

10. Reword AI 

Reword AI is a well-known tool for human-centric writing. The developers, AI Power Lab, designed the tool keeping in mind all niches. This includes blogging, marketing, copywriting, social media posting, and academic writing. 

You might use Reword AI as a secondary tool for creating a college essay. For instance, use a more academic-focused tool to create the first draft of your essay. Afterward, use Reword AI to create the intro outro and make the writing overall more engaging. 

As the name suggests, the tool is well-reputed in its rephrasing abilities. Your essay might talk about the same things that everyone else does. However, creatively altering the sentence structure and paras can make it stand out.  


  • Formal, simple, creative, academic, etc. writing modes
  • Excellent feedback and suggestions on the created content.
  • The tool prioritizes human-centric writing
  • Free plans offer 500 words per day 


  • Lacks domain-specific knowledge and terminology
  • Fairly well-known tool and, therefore, a higher chance of AI detection by teachers who have used this writer

How Do You Use AI To Write Essays 

Sure, AI makes essay writing easier for you. However, it only performs as well as you use it. After all, you are still the main writer. The AI tool is only an assistant. 

Two people using the same tool will produce different results depending on their strategy. Here are a few ways to use AI to write better essays faster.

Generate Ideas    

Coming up with a unique idea from scratch can be quite difficult. You might end up wasting too much time wondering what to write about.

You can use AI essay writers to come up with ideas in mostly two ways. Most generative models simply require you to enter a keyword or topic. The AI assistant can help you by suggesting a list of ideas. You can explore them and select one to go forward.

Another way to get essay ideas is to chat with the AI tool. It would be like discussing essay ideas with a well-informed, knowledgeable friend who never gets tired.  

Creating Outlines 

Once you decide what to write about, it’s time to construct an outline. Otherwise, you won’t know where you are heading after beginning the essay. 

The AI assistant can do a great job at creating an outline for you. It can review the millions of samples available in its database and develop something different from those. That way, you can plan the structure of a unique essay in the shortest possible time. 

Conducting Research 

One of the most significant services AI can provide is being the perfect research tool. There are two reasons why AI research is better than normal Google or Bing search. 

Firstly, a regular search engine can’t answer your questions directly. You have to strategically provide them with a keyword. Meanwhile, AI can understand the user’s intent from the prompt and conduct the research accordingly. 

Secondly, normal search engine results are blogs and articles relevant to your keywords. You must still open that webpage, read the article, and extract the info yourself. That requires a lot of time and effort. 

In contrast, AI research can process hundreds of relevant web articles and scientific papers in seconds. It would then extract and present the precise info before you, along with proper citations. Thus, AI helps you conduct far more intense and rich research than ever humanely possible. 

Creating Text Bodies 

A writing is as good as the number of editing it went through. Most of the great articles and essays you read are their writer’s third or fourth draft. AI can help reduce time and effort by generating the primary drafts. So, you, the writer, will only edit the final draft. 

You might also use AI assistance to improve an essay you have already written. AI essay writers have excellent paraphrasing tools. 

Plus, you don’t have to spend time correcting grammar and spelling typos. The best thing is you can paraphrase and edit your text as many times as you want until it reads impeccably. 

5 Tips To Pass AI Detector For College Essays 

You might be thinking, okay, I can churn out a college essay with an AI tool. After all, it’s not that complicated. But how do I get away with it? 

The admission officers and course professors still expect you do the work on your own. And it’s not easy to fool them since they regularly review hundreds of student writings. You will face immediate rejection if an educator is convinced that your essay is AI-written.

Well, don’t worry. We got your back. Here are five tips to make your AI-crafted essay as good or even better than human writing. 

1. Understand AI Detection Methods 

AI detection tools came to the market soon after AI writers. Admission officers or teachers will upload your file to these tools and check the score. They will start to get suspicious if the tool detects more than 20 percent. AI.  

So, a good strategy is to perform the test yourself. You can find many free AI detection tools on the web. Upload your essay to them and check the score before submission. The essay requires retouching if you notice more than twenty percent AI writing. 

Other than AI tools there are some other symptoms that indicate AI writing. For instance, a teacher might consider your essay written if the text is repetitive, lacks transition, too generic and incoherent. 

2. Personalize the Text 

You can add a few relevant personal opinions, stories, or examples to your text and instantly make it more human-like. Focus more on the intro and outro since these parts make the most impact on readers. 

Humor and personal insights can do wonders. Every person has a unique and original perspective on the world. Bring that to your writing and no one would ever say it’s AI-content. 

3. Check Plagiarism 

When AI writes something for you, it draws from the millions of texts it has been trained on. While generating thousands of words in mere minutes, it might sometimes not alter original sentences from those texts. As a result, your essay will show plagiarism on detectors. 

You don’t want your essay to have more than 15%-20% plagiarism. Some institutions are more strict. They would deem your essay unoriginal (aka AI generated) if the text shows more than 10% AI. So, run your essay through an online Plag Checker and rewrite the marked sentences. 

4. Appoint a Human Editor 

Do all these seem like too much work? Well, you can hire a human editor to do them on your behalf. It would cost a fraction of what you pay someone to write 1000 words than to edit it. You can find an editor on freelance marketplaces like Upwork or Fiverr. 

5. Site Sources 

Proper citation tells your professors that you have done your fair share of research on a topic. Even if your writing has a bit of a robotic tone, citations can help clear the teachers’ suspicion about your AI use. Plus, it provides support to the arguments in your essay. 

Should Students Use AI To Write Their Essays: Advantages and Disadvantages

So, let’s talk about the ethical side of this whole affair. Of course, educators would want you to write your college essays the old-fashioned way. From that perspective, writing essays with AI is not exactly honest. 

However, that is only true when you blindly generate an essay with AI and submit it as it is. Those who develop a content strategy and follow improvement techniques are still doing the writer’s creative work. In their case, AI is only an assistant. 

And what’s so wrong about using modern technology to craft better and more informative essays in a shorter time? From that point of view, even Google searches are kind of cheating. People should instead go back to dusty libraries and waste their time extracting simple info from books. 

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using AI to write your essays. Consider them to make your own decision- 


  • Reduce stress and save time on writing 
  • Do better research with less effort. 
  • Make more primary drafts to create the best final result. 


  • Some students might not dedicate any time to studying the topics as AI can write their essays for them. 
  • Students might lose their natural writing and research skills.
  • AI detection can result in application rejection or failing a course. 

Final Words:

Artificially Intelligent assistant is probably the greatest scientific innovation in recent times. There’s no point in not taking advantage of this to reduce time and effort and perform better than before. So, all students must be familiar with AI essay writers to become better versions of themselves. 

However, it’s important to not be overwhelmed by technology. There are cars, but people still walk and run to keep those muscles working. Similarly, you should always keep your writing and researching skills sharp. Remember, AI is just an extremely resourceful assistant and nothing more. 

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