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JER Online Workforce Certificates and Courses

The courses and certificates that comprise JER Online’s course catalog are developed by (1) JER Online, (2) a growing number of accredited .edu partners and by (3) corporate providers and associations. JER Online is one of the largest resellers of corporate developed online courses in the continuing workforce education market. JER educational partners include a national network of commercial and accredited colleges and universities that specialize in workforce and professional training. These institutions offer students the opportunity to earn certificates of completion at the successful conclusion of their course study.

JER's faculty members are members of the academic community as well as industry professionals. 98 percent hold advanced Ph.D's and master's degrees in specialized fields of instruction.

Student end of course testimonials are exceptionally praiseworthy and many continue on with enrollments in other JER programs. Following the guidelines of regional accrediting agencies such as the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and the North Central Association, JER faculty engage students in outcome based lessons that include discussions, projects, readings, and quizzes.

JER Online knows that online learning is the most successful when there is a "live" instructor available whose expertise and training qualifies them to interact and teach students in a meaningful way. Many of the self-directed courses have a faculty member assigned to engage in e-mail communication with the student as needed. In addition, faculty use highly advanced Internet delivery platforms such as Blackboard and WebCT. JER Group's soon to be released proprietary learning management system, "myLiveClass" will also be available for use in assignments, chat, and general online instruction. JER Online provides access to the same e-learning experience that business and industry uses for their employee training.

Many of JER's courses are offered at basic, intermediate and advanced levels. Continuing on to more advanced instruction provides a deeper and more educationally rewarding learning experience, especially for those who want to advance their careers or start new ones. JER Online also offers "fun to learn" stand-alone courses for individuals seeking skill enhancement.

Typical JER students are:

  • Company employees
  • Freelancers or consultants
  • Students seeking national certification training
  • Individuals starting new career paths
  • Military members
  • Displaced workers
  • Workforce Investment Act (WIA) participants

Currently, more than 1,000 online courses and certificate programs in a wide selection of categories and subject areas are available. Instructor led workships can average anywhere from one to six weeks. Start anytime, or on a fixed time schedule and access your course anytime from anywhere for quick completion. All course assignments and activities are outcome based (each assignment or activity leads to increased knowledge and expertise.)

Upon completion of courses, student may also receive:

  • Industry Certification (see course description)
  • Certificate of Completion (optional)

As an added benefit, students have one year access to courses after completion (with self-directed corporate developed courses). Online registration in real time allows students to begin studying the same day as enrollment, or students can register for a monthly fixed start date. Be sure to check out the discounted pricing on multiple courses.

To get started:

  • Select Purchase Now in the Online Course Description
  • Complete the pre-enrollment form
  • Receive email confirmation of pre-enrollment
  • Make payment
  • Enrollment will be activated
  • Receive instructions on how to begin course

Interested in learning more? For frequently asked questions, please see the JER Online Courses FAQ.

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