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Discount Textbooks Discount Textbooks

Online College Bookstores

New and used college textbooks with significant discounts. Search by title, ISBN, or author.
New and used college text and e-books. Search by ISBN, title, or author.
Buy or rent, with a coupon code to save 15 percent.

Textbook Price Comparison Tools

Best Book Buys.
Compares prices at dozens of online bookstores.
Compare and save on new, used, digital or rentals.
Shows prices from 3 dozen online bookstores.
Compares prices of new and used textbooks in seconds.
New and used textbook price comparisons.
Google Product Search.
Compares up to 26 stores for textbooks.
New, used rental and buyback.
New, used, rental.
A unique buyback tool helps you to sell your books for the highest price. You will need the ISBN number to search.
Compares textbook costs from more than 45 sellers. New, digital, rental, and used.

Textbook Rentals

Rent, sell, and buy back.
Buy, rent, and sell.
E-textbook rentals.
New textbooks, textbook rentals, and digital study tools.
Provides comparison pricing on buying used, new or renting.

Digital Readers (for E-Textbooks)

The NOOKstudy eReader.
The Barnes and Noble tool for e-textbooks.
Amazon Kindle.
Amazon offers e-textbooks for purchase or rent through the Kindle.

See also Textbook Buying Tips, Sticker Shock: Why Are Textbooks So Expensive, and Textbook Buybacks: How to Get a Better Return.

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