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10 Internships For Adults in 2024 and Why Are They Important for Career

Just as you’re considering a career shift or re-entry into the workforce, internships for adults are gaining momentum as a strategic move to revitalize careers. You might think internships are only for students or recent graduates, but they’re increasingly crucial for adults like you looking to pivot industries, gain new skills, or break a period of unemployment.

These programs can offer you a unique opportunity to network, learn on the job, and get your foot in the door at a company you admire. They’re not just a stop-gap; they’re a launchpad for the next phase of your professional life and you will have a nice Life work balance as an adult.

Let’s dive into the top internships that can help you reignite your career and why they’re so important.

What Is an Adult Internship?

An adult internship offers a practical opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a new or existing career field. After a career break, it’s a strategic step to reenter the workforce.

Engaging in an internship program facilitates networking and skill development, boosting your employability.

Embrace this chance to learn and grow professionally; it’s tailored for adults seeking a dynamic approach to career advancement.

Adult Internships to Relaunch Your Career

If you’re looking to re-enter the workforce or pivot your career path, adult internships offer a structured and supportive gateway. Programs like Amazon’s Returnship and Eaton’s ReSurge are tailored to help you regain your professional footing with real-world experience.

Companies such as Schneider Electric and Microsoft, through initiatives like Microsoft Leap, emphasize diversity and provide a platform for you to relaunch your career with confidence.

1. Amazon Returnship Program

Amazon’s Returnship Program offers a structured pathway for experienced professionals to re-enter the workforce after a career break. It provides training, mentorship, and a chance to work on real projects, facilitating a seamless return to corporate roles.

If you’re looking to change careers, adult internships like the Amazon Returnship Program can be a pivotal step.

Seize this chance to refresh your skills and reignite your professional journey in a supportive and dynamic environment.

2. Eaton ReSurge Program

Eaton’s ReSurge Program is designed for individuals looking to reignite their careers. With flexible work arrangements and support, it allows professionals to bring their valuable skills back to the workforce.

As adult interns, you’ll have the chance to acquire new skills and network within a supportive environment.

The Eaton ReSurge Program is designed to help you confidently relaunch your career path.

3. Schneider Electric Return-To-Work

Schneider Electric’s Return-To-Work program welcomes talented individuals back to the corporate world. Through mentorship and tailored projects, participants can refresh their skills and contribute to the company’s success.

These opportunities allow you to leverage your transferable skills and bridge any gaps in your resume, ensuring you’re well-equipped to tackle the next phase of your professional journey with confidence.

4. Microsoft Leap

Microsoft’s Leap program, part of its diversity and inclusion efforts, provides a platform for individuals in the U.S. to relaunch their careers in technology. It includes training, mentorship, and opportunities to join one of the world’s leading tech companies.

Embarking on a career revival, you’ll find Microsoft Leap offers a dynamic pathway to re-enter the tech industry through its commitment to diversity and inclusion.

As part of Microsoft’s diversity and inclusion initiatives, these adult internships are designed to support your growth and ensure you’re not just catching up but leaping forward in your professional journey.

Take the leap; your future in tech awaits.

5. UBS Career Comeback

UBS’s Career Comeback program offers a supportive environment for professionals seeking to return to the finance industry. With comprehensive training and development, it helps individuals rebuild their careers.

Embrace this opportunity to become an adult intern and pave the way for a new career among a network of professionals.

It’s a strategic step to refresh your skills and propel you back into the workforce with confidence.

6. Dell ReStart

Dell ReStart offers a comprehensive internship program specifically designed to support adults looking to relaunch their careers.

This initiative empowers you with the tools and experience necessary to navigate the competitive job market, seamlessly integrating you back into the workforce.

Embrace the chance to redefine your career path with Dell ReStart.

7. Deloitte Encore Program

Deloitte’s Encore Program is aimed at skilled professionals seeking to restart their careers in consulting. It provides a platform to leverage their expertise and contribute to client success.

You might find your gateway to reentering the professional world through the Deloitte Encore Program. This initiative offers tailored career transition program for young adults looking to restart their careers.

The Deloitte Encore Program provides structured internship opportunities that bridge gaps in employment. It aims to sharpen skills and expand networks, offering guidance and support tailored specifically for adults like you.

Dive into the Deloitte Encore Program and rediscover your professional potential. Take advantage of this opportunity to reenter the workforce and explore new possibilities in your career.

8. Ford Re-Entry Program

Ford’s Re-Entry Program welcomes individuals back into the automotive industry. With flexible work arrangements and a supportive network, it enables professionals to rejoin the workforce.

This initiative specifically supports adults like you, providing a structured pathway to reacquaint with industry advancements.

Embrace this chance through the Ford Re-Entry Program to revitalize your professional journey with confidence and refreshed skills.

9. Northrop Grumman iReturn

Northrop Grumman’s iReturn program encourages professionals to return to the aerospace and defense sector. It offers meaningful assignments and mentorship to facilitate a successful comeback.

These internships provide adults like you with a structured path to re-enter the workforce with confidence.

Embrace the opportunity to update skills and expand your network within a supportive environment.

It’s your time to reignite your career journey with iReturn.

10. HubSpot Returners Program

HubSpot’s Returners Program provides a pathway for individuals to re-enter the workforce in the tech and marketing sector. It includes training, mentorship, and the opportunity to work on cutting-edge projects.

Transitioning back into the workforce becomes seamless with HubSpot’s Returners Program. This program offers tailored internships that reignite professional growth after a career hiatus. These opportunities are crafted specifically for adults seeking meaningful career development.

Embrace the chance to refresh your skills and rebuild confidence. It’s your time to step back into your career journey with the support and resources essential for success.

How to Find and Apply for Adult Internships? 5 Major Steps

Here are the steps how you can find and apply for adult internship:

1. Do Your Research

Before you dive in, it’s essential to thoroughly research the landscape of internships available to adults to identify opportunities that align with your career aspirations.

Explore diverse platforms, network with industry professionals, and utilize job boards tailored for adult internships.

Your diligent research will pave the way for a successful application process and a career-boosting internship experience.

Stay informed, stay structured, and let your career goals guide you.

2. Contact Companies Directly

You’ll enhance your chances of securing an adult internship by reaching out to companies of interest directly. Craft a professional message articulating your desire for growth and how your unique skills can contribute.

Mentorship programs often aren’t advertised, so your initiative can uncover hidden opportunities. Companies appreciate direct interest, and this approach demonstrates the proactive attitude they seek in potential interns.

3. Use Your Network

Leverage your professional contacts to discover and secure internships tailored to your career advancement. Tap into your own network; it’s a goldmine for job seekers.

Your valuable connections can provide insider knowledge and lead to opportunities that aren’t advertised. Don’t be shy—reach out, express your interest, and ask for referrals.

4. Social media

Through social media, you can uncover a plethora of internship opportunities that cater to adults seeking career advancement. Platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and even Facebook have specialized groups and job boards where companies post internships.

Always tailor your application to highlight your experience, and don’t hesitate to leverage your mature perspective. Adult internships found via social media could be the gateway to your next career breakthrough.

5. Career websites and internship boards

To streamline your search for adult internships, you can turn to dedicated career websites and internship boards that list opportunities across various industries. These platforms are designed to connect you with companies seeking your unique skill set.

Start applying today, and take a decisive step towards enriching your career prospects!

Top 3 Benefits of an Adult Internship for Employees and Employers

Here are some benefits of an adult internship for employees and employers:

1. Exploring a Different Career

Embarking on an adult internship offers you the unique opportunity to test-drive a new career path, benefiting both your professional growth and the employer’s talent pipeline.

Diving into a new industry through this hands-on experience can affirm or redirect your career change decision. It’s a win-win: you gain valuable insights while the employer assesses a potential fit for their team.

Embrace the chance to grow and evolve professionally.

2. Growing Your Network

You’ll not only gain practical experience during an adult internship but also have the chance to expand your professional network, which can be invaluable for both you and the employer.

Networking through internships can propel your career forward, opening doors to future job opportunities and collaborations. It’s a win-win: employers meet potential talent, and you secure allies in your chosen field.

Keep networking, and watch your career grow.

3. Adding to Your Resume

Why stop at networking when you can also bolster your resume with the hands-on experience gained from an adult internship?

Internships are a gateway to acquiring new skills and showcasing your commitment to growth. They provide added experience that makes you a more appealing candidate to future employers, setting you apart in a competitive job market.

Dive in and let your internship experiences elevate your professional journey.

How can you tell the organization will be a good fit?

Here’s a checklist to help you assess whether a potential organization aligns with your values, goals, and work preferences:

  • Company Culture: Research the company’s culture through its website, employee reviews, and social media presence. Look for a culture that resonates with your values and work style. Consider if the organization promotes diversity and inclusion, which can enhance workplace satisfaction.
  • Mission and Values: Ensure the organization’s mission and values align with your personal beliefs and career goals. A shared sense of purpose can lead to job satisfaction.
  • Work-Life Balance: Assess the organization’s stance on work-life balance. Look for flexible work arrangements, reasonable working hours, and support for employees’ well-being. Consider family-friendliness of your job and support/approval from spouse and another family member.
  • Career Growth Opportunities: Evaluate the potential for career advancement within the organization. Are there clear paths for growth, skill development, and promotions?
  • Company Reputation: Investigate the organization’s reputation in the industry and among its employees. Positive reviews and a strong track record are promising signs.
  • Management and Leadership: Consider the leadership style and approach of the company’s executives and managers. Effective and supportive leadership is essential for job satisfaction.
  • Team Dynamics: During interviews, assess the dynamics within the team you would be working with. A collaborative and inclusive team can contribute to a positive work environment.
  • Benefits and Compensation: Evaluate the benefits package, including healthcare, retirement plans, and other perks. Ensure the compensation aligns with industry standards.
  • Location and Commute: Consider the location of the organization and the ease of your daily commute. A convenient location can improve your work-life balance.
  • Company Stability: Research the financial stability of the organization. A stable company is more likely to provide job security.
  • Feedback and Questions: Ask insightful questions during interviews to gauge the organization’s fit for you. Inquire about its values, expectations, and work environment.
  • Networking: Connect with current or former employees on professional networks like LinkedIn to gather insights about the organization.
  • Personal Goals: Reflect on your long-term career goals and whether the organization can support your aspirations.
  • Gut Feeling: Trust your instincts. If you have a positive feeling about the organization and believe it aligns with your needs, it may be a good fit.

Note: Remember that a good fit is a two-way street. The organization should also see you as a valuable addition to their team. Be open, honest, and authentic during the interview process to ensure that both you and the organization make an informed decision.

How do you prepare for an Adult Internship?

Preparing for an adult internship is crucial to making the most of the opportunity and enhancing your chances of success. Here are the top 10 steps to prepare for an adult internship:

  1. Research the Organization: Thoroughly research the company or organization where you’ll be interning. Understand its mission, values, culture, and industry.
  2. Set Clear Goals: Define your internship goals. What skills do you want to gain? What experience do you hope to acquire? Having clear objectives will guide your efforts.
  3. Polish Your Resume: Update your resume to highlight relevant skills, experiences, and accomplishments. Tailor it to the internship role you’re applying for.
  4. Practice Interviewing: Prepare for interviews by practicing common interview questions. Be ready to discuss your background, skills, and what you can offer the organization.
  5. Networking: Leverage your professional network to connect with people in the industry or at the organization. Networking can provide valuable insights and potential referrals.
  6. Review the Job Description: Understand the specific responsibilities and expectations outlined in the internship job description. Be prepared to discuss how your skills align with these requirements.
  7. Professional Attire: Determine the appropriate dress code for the internship and ensure you have suitable attire. Dressing professionally can make a positive impression.
  8. Brush Up on Skills: Identify any skills or knowledge gaps related to the internship. Consider taking online courses or workshops to refresh your skills.
  9. Prepare Questions: Develop thoughtful questions to ask during interviews and throughout the internship. This shows your interest and engagement.
  10. Stay Organized: Create a system to stay organized during the internship. Use tools like calendars, task lists, and project management apps to manage your responsibilities.

Tips for a Successful Internship

To ensure your adult internship is a success, you’ll need to actively engage with your new role and apply these practical tips.

Approach your tasks with enthusiasm and a willingness to learn.

Network diligently, as connections made during internships can be pivotal for your career.

Always seek feedback and reflect on your experiences—this is key to a successful internship and future career growth.

What to Do After Your Adult Internship?

Once your adult internship concludes, it’s crucial to leverage the experience and connections you’ve gained to advance your career path.

Kickstart your job search immediately, targeting a full-time job or permanent position. Use your newfound skills to craft a standout resume and tap into your network for opportunities.


What is the main objective of an internship?

The main objective of an internship is to provide individuals, often students or recent graduates, with practical, hands-on experience in a specific field or industry. Internships are designed to help participants apply their theoretical knowledge in real-world settings, gain valuable skills, explore potential career paths, and make informed decisions about their future careers.

What industries offer Apprenticeship for adults?

Apprenticeships for adults are available in a wide range of industries. While traditionally associated with fields like business, technology, and healthcare, internships are now offered in diverse sectors, including finance, marketing, education, nonprofit organizations, government, and more. Adult internships cater to various career interests and backgrounds.

Can adults pursue internships while working full-time?

Yes, adults can pursue internships while working full-time, although it may require careful planning and time management. Some internships are designed to accommodate professionals looking to gain additional skills or transition into new careers. These internships may offer flexible schedules, part-time options, or study while work arrangements to align with full-time employment.

Are internships paid for adults?

The payment structure of adult internships varies. Some fellowships are paid, providing compensation for the work performed. The payment can range from stipends to competitive salaries, depending on the organization and industry. However, there are also unpaid internships that offer valuable experience without monetary compensation.

Does on-the-job training lead to full time job?

On-the-job training or upskilling programs for adults often lead the way to becoming full time employees. Many organizations use internships as a means to evaluate potential candidates for full-time positions. Successful completion of an internship can lead to job offers within the same organization or provide individuals with valuable experience and connections that enhance their prospects when seeking employment elsewhere.

Wrapping Up: Adult Intern Jobs to Relaunch Your Career in 2024

Adult internships offer a promising avenue for skilled workers seeking to re-enter the workforce or transition into new careers. They provide a pathway to full-time employment, often with local employers, and offer valuable experiences that benefit both younger candidates and seasoned professionals.

Crafting an effective cover letter, showcasing your skills, and maintaining the enthusiasm of a young adult embarking on a new job are essential. While the journey may require patience and perseverance, the prospect of a job offer and the chance to offer internships to others make it a rewarding endeavor.

It’s never too late to rejoin the workforce and inspire better luck for yourself and young people looking to start their careers.

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