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Amplify Your Learning with the Power of JER Online: Elevate Your Skills & Boost Your Career

JER Online and its expanding alliance of esteemed educational and corporate associates conceptualise the intriguing array of courses and certificates available on their platform. Recognised as one of the forerunners in the e-commerce sales of online courses engineered by corporations, JER Online brags a formidable resume in the arena of perpetual workforce education.

JER aligns itself with a wide array of accredited educational bodies and professional training-focused colleges and universities across the nation. These alliances empower students with the ability to earn certificates of completion, underscoring the successful culmination of their chosen course of study.

The Stellar Faculty of JER Online

The pillars of JER Online’s faculty are academicians and industry tycoons alike, with a striking 98% boasting advanced degrees like Ph.D.s and master’s in their individual areas of instruction. The compelling positive reviews at the termination of courses by students is a testament to the faculty’s capabilities, with a considerable number of students choosing to further their education within the JER circuit.

With a keen adherence to the guidelines of regional accrediting bodies including Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and the North Central Association, faculty involvement in the learning journey of students is plentiful. Activities like discussions, exercises, reading materials, and evaluations are staples of the curriculum at JER.

The Unmatched Online Learning Experience with JER Online

JER Online acknowledges the power of ‘live’ instruction, where a qualified instructor is accessible, skilfully imparting knowledge and fostering interactive learning. Many self-paced courses have faculty assistance available through e-mail, providing personalized help as needed. State-of-the-art internet delivery platforms, such as Blackboard and WebCT, are leveraged by faculty members. Additionally, JER Group’s upcoming proprietary learning management system, ‘myLiveClass’ is set to revolutionize the e-learning realm.

The Diverse Demographics and Course Offerings of JER Online

Various courses segregated by proficiency levels ranging from basic to advanced cater to a diverse student demographic; employees, freelancers, certification aspirants, career changers, military members, displaced workers, and Workforce Investment Act participants. With an impressive stack of over 1,000 online courses and certificate programs to choose from, students can start immediately or on a fixed schedule, being able to access their course from anywhere.

Course activities and tasks are designed to stimulate knowledge augmentation, providing in-depth learning experiences, especially for those seeking career progression or new paths.

Course Completion and Benefits at JER Online

On completing courses, students are privy to industry certification (as per the course description) and an optional certificate of completion. Moreover, a one-year course access after completion is granted to students, enabling a thorough revision opportunity.

Online registrations processed in real-time alleviate any delay in beginning your learning journey. JER Online also offers a monthly fixed start date option coupled with discounted rates for multiple course enrolments.

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