Distance Education

Distance Education

Frequently Asked Questions
Distance Learning and Accreditation FAQ.
Alt.Education.Distance FAQ.
Distance Learning FAQs.
Distance Education: The Unoffical FAQ.
How to Spot a Degree Mill.


Check a School’s Accreditation.
Department of Education Nationally Recognized Accrediting Agencies.
Accrediting Bodies Not Recognized by the Department of Education.

General Resources

World Wide Web Virtual Library: Distance Education.
Distance Education Clearinghouse.
Higher Education’s Consumer’s Guide to College Courses on the Internet.
Reviews of Online Courses.
The Distance Education for Dummies Homepage.
Is Distance Learning for Me?


University Continuing Education Association.
United States Distance Learning Association.
Distance Education and Training Council.


Distance Education

College Accreditation
College Accreditation: Frequently Asked Questions. Why accreditation is important and what type of accreditation to look for.


Overview on accreditation by the Department of Education, including lists of nationally recognized accrediting agencies.
Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). Directory of accrediting organizations, including national and specialized.

Distance Education and Training Council.

Directory of DETC programs and resources.

General Resources
Degree Programs.A directory of degree programs, traditional and distance.

Should You Get Your Degree Through Distance Learning?

Find out if distance learning is right for you and how to choose a school.

How Do Employers View Online Degrees?

Though concerns exist, acceptance is on the rise in an emerging industry.

Online Education Gets Accolades.

Experts weigh in on distance learning.