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College Credit for Work Experience

Engage Yourself in Six Transformative Modules

Incorporated into these structured modules are unvarying elements aimed at facilitating your ease and comprehension:

Module 1 – Rekindling your Educational Journey

This module aims at harnessing the power of your Past Life Experiences (PLE) and achievements. In doing so, it will help you stand out, boost your self-confidence and give you a competitive advantage. Recognise that life-long learning is the key to growth. This module further terms the methods implemented by universities to aid mature learners through Premature Learning Evaluation Programs, and outlines what basic skills are required for effective college work.

Module 2 – Diverse Journey of Five Adult Learners

Exploring the varied journeys of adult learners allows you to comprehend the benefits of continuing education. Realise your capacity to advance to the next phase of your life by learning lessons from individuals with diverse skills and backgrounds. This module will further delve into the concept of Premature Learning Assessment, empowering you to make decisive life choices.

Module 3- Strategic Life and Career Planning for Better Decisions

Having a solid career plan is paramount. This module assists you in forming a career plan by identifying objectives and making crucial decisions. Discover the actions you need to implement to achieve your goals. Uncover your transferrable skills, exercise value judgment and tap into resources for effective career planning.

Module 4- Making an Informed Choice: An Adult Learner’s Guide to Postsecondary Education

Being an enlightened consumer is crucial. This module aims to provide you with necessary knowledge about the ever-evolving academia catering to adult learning needs. Understand aspects like the merits of degree versus non-degree program, unconventional alternatives, the types of educational institutions, and efficient use of college resources.

Module 5- Prior Learning Assessment: Value What You Know

This segment zeroes in on the Prior Learning Assessment. Investigate how your experiences align with college curriculum and catapult your way to gaining credit for your strengths. Recognise that a multitude of life experiences have contributed to your personal growth. In this module, you will classify your significant experiences and as a result, learn to treasure these transformative events.

Module 6- Understanding How Institutes Evaluate Your Prior Learning

Distinct evaluation methods, such as examination of your old college transcripts and articulation agreements between colleges are discussed in this module. Other ways like credit by examination, credit for completion of evaluated programs, and credit for professional licenses or certificates are explained. Using the model of the five students’ different approaches to various assessment methods, decide what would be the most beneficial for you.

Credit By Examination programs such as the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) or Advanced Placement (AP) exams, enable students to demonstrate proficiency in specific subjects. Educational institutions offer credit for prior learning or experiences, such as professional certifications or military service, or portfolio assessments, granting college credits based on demonstrated knowledge and skills. Accelerate through college by leveraging these credits, transfer credits, or prior learning assessments to expedite your progress.


Lois Lamdin, Earn College Credit for What You Know (3rd Edition), Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company, Dubuque, Iowa, 1997

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