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College Connection: Save Time and Money on Your College Degree

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How to Save Time and Money on Your College Degree

Many adults returning to college are bewildered by the number of degree options available, or where to start to attain their educational goals. Even more importantly, they need assistance in finding programs best suited to their needs and in obtaining college-level credit for life experience or subject proficiencies. For example:

“I am 41 years old, and got my GED back in the late 70’s. I have been an IT Professional for over 20 years, holding numerous consulting and management positions. I would like to attend college either part time, or by leveraging some sort of distance learning program, but I have no idea where to start, and frankly, I am somewhat intimidated. Additionally, I am hoping that I will be able to get at least some college credit for life experience. Any help appreciated.”

“I am interested in starting a career in education. I have worked as an Education Aide/Para Professional for 13 years. I do not know where to start to find information for schools that offer on-line classes in this field. I live on an island and am the mother of three so going away to college is impossible. I would also like information that would help me become a substitute teacher.”

Hundreds of regionally accredited, well-known colleges and universities recognize the experiences and accomplishments adult students bring to the table, and provide options to earn credit for those that qualify as college-level learning. Adult students may receive credit for:

Work experience, Military service, or Community Service Specialized Training Participation in Professional Conferences, Seminars, or Workshops Certification and Licensure Professional Authorship (Books or Papers)

CLEP (College Level Examination Program) or DANTES Testing

These options provide a substantial savings of time and tuition. Some schools will award up to 32 credits through examination and prior learning towards an undergraduate degree. (For more information on how this database can help you, see How to Accelerate Your Degree Plan.)

College Connection is a unique database of the top distance schools (both public and private) that provide college level credit recommended by the American Council on Education and The National Program on Noncollegiate Sponsored Instruction, the two major college credit recommendation bodies accepted by major colleges and universities.

Each college or university profiled is accredited by one of the six regional accrediting boards, the most important type of accreditation, and provides full distance degree programs available through the Internet, correspondence, multimedia/CD-ROM, or broadcast/video, including undergraduate, graduate, certificate and doctorate degrees in a wide range of disciplines. Many of the universities have the same instructors teaching through distance education or on the Internet as at the traditional campus, and students are able to earn the same degree as students attending the main campus.

College Connection profiles schools offering degree programs for adults across all 50 states, including the more economical programs accepted by employers for Tuition Assistance Programs (TAP). Each college and university profiled was selected according to several criteria, including regional accreditation, faculty, and academic ranking and reputation. New programs are continually being added.

Most of the degree programs require no on-campus attendance. Others require only a short residency (a small percentage of credits are earned on-campus). Tuition for these schools is competitive. Many programs are accelerated or self-paced. And because the colleges are regionally accredited, credits can be transferred to or from other colleges and universities. These programs provide the best options for adult learners.

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