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Questions to Ask Before Signing Up for Online Learning

10 Questions to Ask Before Signing Up For Online Learning

Online learning is the process of receiving education, knowledge, or skills remotely using the internet and digital technologies.

To help you decide if an online learning course or platform is good for you, this article discusses 10 questions to ask yourself before signing up for online learning.

Are You Self-Motivated and Disciplined?

Choose the online course if you are self-motivated and disciplined enough to study consistently by yourself. Do not choose the online learning option if you procrastinate and postpone the tasks.

Will It Help Your Career?

The online learning option is for you if the online course is going to help you in your career and profession by teaching you a necessary skill. Otherwise, stay away from the online course. 

Do You Have Access to Technology and Know How to Use It?

To participate and engage in online learning, you need access to the internet, a digital device like a computer, mobile, iPad, etc., and a pair of headphones. Do not sign up for the online course if you don’t have access to digital technology.

Does It Fit with Your Learning Style?

The online course can have a specific teaching style, such as recorded courses, online live classes, ebooks, etc. If you don’t prefer the teaching style, then do not enroll in the online course. 

Will It Work with Your Schedule?

The online course has its own schedule, and it should not be in conflict with your college or work schedule. If its schedule is in conflict with your existing schedule, avoid enrolling in the online course and choose another online course.

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Can You Afford It?

The online course has a certain enrollment fee. If you can afford the fee, then you can sign up for it.

Is the Faculty Qualified?

The faculty of the online course is very important. If the teacher is not qualified to teach a skill, then it is most likely not a good course. If the teacher’s teaching style is not likable for you, then you can choose not to sign up for it.

Are there demos, trials, or free courses by the same company?

If there are any demos, trials, or free courses by the same company, then try those to get familiarized with the company’s online courses. If you like the courses, then you may want to sign up for them.

What is the duration of this course?

The duration of the online course is important as it should not clash with your exams or be a lengthy course that you can’t finish. If it is too long for you to finish, do not sign up for it.

Does the course curriculum include all the topics you want to learn?

The course curriculum should include all the topics you want to learn. You should have a solid idea about the topics you are interested in learning. If the course does not have those, choose not to enroll in the online course.

Final Words

Ask yourself the 10 questions discussed in this article to clarify whether you should sign up for an online learning course. Online learning requires self-discipline and motivation from students. If you are someone who usually postpones studying and other tasks, you better not enroll in an online learning course.


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